The Power of Connectiyity

BSH and the Power of Connectivity.

August 17th, 2018

Connectivity and connected products are becoming more and more important both in the home appliance industry and to consumers in their own homes. At BSH, we’re working continuously to make our vision of connectivity come true.


Connected homes, connected appliances, connected consumers – connectivity is the future! So the question is – how do we as a home appliance manufacturer harness the power of connectivity? And more importantly, how do we use it to future-proof our appliances and services? The world is changing all around us, and quickly too! It’s a world of new and exciting opportunities! We know that it’s no longer enough to make high-quality home appliances. Our consumers expect far more and it’s our job to meet their needs, now and tomorrow.

But what does that mean for us at BSH? After 50 years dedicated to making the highest quality home appliances, we are known for our technological expertise, attractive design, and high-quality workmanship. With this strong tradition behind us, we’re now committed to designing connected home appliances for our consumers’ digital lifestyle and fulfilling needs that are either beginning to emerge or don’t yet exist!

Home Connect

One example is Home Connect – the very center of our connected universe. The digital eco-system connects all compatible appliances, regardless of brand, into your very own Internet of Things, which can be controlled and monitored by a smartphone or tablet via Home Connect app! This eco-system is not only making it easier for you to take care of your household, it also makes it safer and more efficient. You’ve found a new recipe you’d like to try? Perfect, just send the cooking time and temperature settings to your oven – baking has never been easier.

Expanding our digital eco-system

We’re expanding our digital eco-system all the time, with partners such as IFTTT (If This Then That) and Flic. IFTTT connects appliances into a chain so that if something specific happens, another appliance will react. For example, as soon as the washing is finished, the Phillips Hue lights will blink. Flic has created physical buttons which can be used with a number of appliances, i.e. a Flic button can be connected to your smartphone and can be used to turn the music on in the shower.

New connected products

We’re also working on a number of new products that can be connected to Home Connect. There’s Mykie (aka My Kitchen Elf) our digital personal kitchen assistant, Roxxter our robotic vacuum cleaner, and X-Spect our revolutionary scanner which scans textiles. All of these three coming product help you taking care of your household in no time. Start Roxxter via the Home Connect App from your way home, scan the difficult stains on your children’s clothes with X-Spect and let it choose the perfect settings for your washing machine. The best part: You’ll have much more time to relax… or reading an extra-long bedtime story.

As you can see, BSH is working hard to meet your needs with technological expertise and by always being a step ahead when it comes to new ideas that will help you. In the future, connected homes will continue to play an important role in our and the future generation’s lives. We will help to enrich your households with not only our technological expertise but by always being a step ahead when it comes to new innovations and ideas. We are convinced that our digital connected products and solutions create added value for our consumers’ lives. Therefore, that’s what drives us into the future: the Power of Connectivity.

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