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The future is bright! The PAI projector paves the way for virtual interaction in the kitchen.

September 21st, 2018

Many consumers regularly use a tablet or smartphone in the kitchen to look up recipes, follow baking instructions or take photos of the final result to share on social networks. But where to put mobile devices so they’re not in the way or at risk of getting covered in food?

PAI is a new interactive projector for the kitchen and will be launched in February 2019.

No more dough-encrusted touch screens thanks to PAI

With PAI, a new interactive projector for the kitchen, BSH is heralding the future and revolutionizing virtual interaction. “PAI stands for ‘Projection and Interaction’, in other words, the projection of an image onto a surface and interactive operation by touching this virtual interface,” explains Project Head Markus Helminger. An integrated 3D sensor detects every movement of the hands or fingers. “Unlike a smartphone or tablet, the projection can be operated perfectly, even with dirty fingers, and does not take up any space on the work surface, leaving enough room to cook and bake,” says Helminger, describing the real added value of PAI.

Would you like to have a Skype video call or give mom a quick ring to ask for her secret ingredient while you’re baking? Maybe you want to look up another recipe or check the next step in the cooking instructions. All of this is possible with the tap of a finger.

BSH delivers not only the hardware for this pioneering technology, but also apps such as Home Connect, which can send the temperature settings for a selected recipe straight to the oven, for example. The app from BSH partner Kitchen Stories is also preinstalled, offering users high-quality recipe videos and photo instructions.

The functions are ideal for social media

If you enjoy sharing your creations on Instagram or with friends, the innovative projector is a great assistant. “PAI can provide the ideal lighting for a finished dish or project decorating options to take an attractive photo that can be shared straightaway,” explains Technical Project Head Gerald Horst.

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