Announcing the ‘Future Home’ Accelerator class of 2019!

Announcing ‘Future Home’ Accelerator class of 2019!

We are proud to present the 10 international founder teams that start the program in Munich this week! The program kicked off on February 4th.

Founders Welcome Weekend near Munich

With a bit of Jetlag due to some long distance flights, the long awaited founder teams finally arrived to Munich on the weekend of February 2nd where they were welcomed by BSH and Techstars. The ten winning teams came from United States, Great Britain, South Korea, and Hong Kong to the Bavarian capital, where BSH headquarter is located. After a founders retreat, the startups moved into a co-working space in the city centre. From there, they will develop hard- and software solutions for various challenges in the "Future Home". The startup teams will be accompanied and advised by experienced mentors of the Techstars global network and of BSH mentors from departments that include design, engineering, and marketing, as well as experts from Home Connect - our platform for connected devices and partners.

The business models show the relevant trends in the connected home and it’s heart, the kitchen– including a Spotify of cooking and an automated grocery replenishment platform. Without further ado, these are the founder startups:

Meal IQ (UK) - Personalised Nutrition as a Service

Meal IQ is an AI-powered personalised nutrition platform that makes it convenient for people with health conditions to plan perfect meals to fit both their condition and their lifestyles, and shop ingredients automatically at online grocery stores.


ckbk (UK/USA) - Unlimited access to a curated collection of the world’s finest cookbooks

ckbk is the ultimate digital subscription service for cooks. Combining high value, curated content with the latest technology, ckbk transforms the search for culinary inspiration. We make recipes smart and their discovery and use a pleasure.


ate (USA) - The mindful food journaling app that enables balance in your life

ate enables you to easily track your daily meals and associated emotions. Instead of counting calories, it focuses on how meals make you feel. It is non-judgmental and visual. It augments your self-awareness so you can find and stay on your path to a livable and balanced lifestyle.


ROCKY.AI (South Korea) - Your leadership coach in your pocket

ROCKY.AI sharpens your leadership skills through 10-minute daily goal-setting and reflection conversations, assisting you with clarity, team communication, and confidence. Simply become a better, smarter you.


Pantri (UK) - The first supermarket for machines

The Pantri platform makes it easy for IoT appliances to start to shop for the consumables they use on a regular basis, making sure that you have just the right amount of what you need, when you need it.

Website (UK) - We Turn the Key, for IoT

We have built a turnkey IoT platform - a service that brings physical objects online, by connecting a SERVICEPLUG. It is a smart retrofit solution to connect you to your manufacturer and expand the life of your home appliances - even if they are non-smart appliances.


Sensorscall (USA) - We help you care for your loved ones without being there

We are changing the way we care for our aging parents. We enable them to live longer in their homes without being intrusive and dramatically reduce the cost of elder care, and bring peace of mind for all.


Qi Aerista (Hong Kong) - Perfect tea with every brew

Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer makes perfect tea easy, fun, and smart every time. Our patented automatic brewing system delivers consistent infusion results to match your taste for any type of tea.


Inirv (USA) - An instant upgrade for any kitchen

Inirv is building a cooking platform by turning the stove into your very own cooking assistant. Our first IoT device instantly upgrades any gas or electric stove by simply replacing existing stove knobs with smart ones. Providing both peace of mind and hands-free cooking, Inirv brings guided cooking to every household so you can make the perfect meal right at home.


RetroLabs (USA) - Your fridge is now your butler

Make any fridge smart with FreshCam. A fridge camera that helps you reduce thrown away food and get money back into your pocket, so it pays for itself. Your fridge will now: reorder groceries, notify you on expiring foods, show you recipes based on what’s inside your fridge and make sure you don’t buy more yoghurt when you already have some.