How does BSH help Startups

How does BSH help startups in the Accelerator

November 20th, 2018

While setting up the Accelerator we have frequently been asked by the start-ups, how BSH would actually help them and interact with them. The answer to this can only partly be given in a general way, as we aim at mentoring start-ups related to their business model. There three aspects to this: general mentoring, specific mentoring and follow-up co-operations.

For general mentoring, we selected mentors from our Senior Management that cover a broad spectrum of relevant topics for the participating start-ups. In case of a hardware start-up, take for example Janine Grohmann , who knows the small domestic appliances market in and out, the market sizes of each segment, the trends and success factors of business models in small appliances. Nico von Saurma , will give practical hints on the appliance design, e.g. how to increase usability and save costs. When it comes to digital business models, Mario Pieper and Niels Kuschinsky have a very good view of success factors in digital services in the home appliance market. Last but not least, there are overarching topics, that almost every company has to take care of; take for example advice on legal risks and which legal form to choose, where Nora Klug steps in.

It is not only about mentoring during the three months. BSH is also interested in driving it’s innovations with help of the participating startups. If there is a good fit, ideally we would go into a pilot or proof of concept and then launch a product or service together. In case a white label product or service makes sense, the start-up can become a supplier or technology partner. Digital services can become partners in the Home Connect system.

In the background the preparation for the Accelerator program is running, that is starting in February 2019. Stay tuned folks!

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